Huracan: No Moment Too Beautiful to not Pull out the Guns and Knives

Not two days after reporting on „barrabravas“ in Argentina and their internal battles, current events provide us with a fresh example, of a particularly surprising violence and virulence. Making the event even more noteworthy, is the more than unusual timing of this newest explosion of inner-barra violence. For those of you who speak Spanish, the video above provides a surprisingly accurate account of events and their background context (the rest of you can still watch, some interesting images are shown). For the rest of you, here is the strange and rather pathetic tale, of the barras of Huracan…

Huracan is a classic of Buenos Aires neighborhood teams, located in the middle class district of Parque Patricios. Historically in first division, having experienced rather hard times over the last couple of decades, and with a stadium much larger than what they need, this is a club famous for anything other than having a large support base. This year they have experienced unexpected success on the field, and are indeed only one point away from their first championship in 34 years. Yesterday, they had their final home game of the season, and all was prepared for a celebration the likes of which they have not seen in a long time, with well over 30 000 people in the stadium.

Yet, despite the relatively small size of its „hinchada“ (active fan base) and their „barra“ (organized „hooligans“), they Huracan fans have managed to divide themselves into two antagonistic factions. One the factions,“La Banda de la Plazita,“accuses the other, „La Banda de Zavaleta,“ of among other things being responsible for theft and general trouble in the Huracan popular/terrace.

(Side note: This is a not uncommon problem in the Argentine populares/terraces, in that some barras use the opportunity to steal money and goods from other unorganized fans. A phenomenon Ive witnessed with my own eyes in River as well as Independiente for example. In cases where the barra is working properly, it is often precisely they who are responsible for keeping those who go with the purpose of stealing from the regular fans away from the popular/terrace.)

This, coupled with the usual struggle for control of the money generated from control of a popular (free tickets, charging for parking outside the stadium, selling of merchandise, etc.), generated a situation which was unlikely to take long to explode…

At halftime on Sundays game, „La Banda de la Plazita“ violently expelled „La Banda de Zavaleta“ from the popular. „Zavaleta“ were quick to take their revenge, ambushing members of the rival fraction after the game. In thee nsuing fight, a member of „La Banda de la Plazita“ was shot and killed.

Not much later, as members of „La Banda de Zabaleta“ were entering the hospital where they were tending to their wounded, they were in turn attacked by members of „La Plazita.“ Long story short: several people with bullet and knife wounds, an overturned and torched taxi, and another person dead, this time from the other faction.
„Funnily“ enough, two seriously injured people fled the hospital after being attended to. Clearly, they werent in the mood to be asked uncomfortable questions by the „Policia Federal.“

Finally, in a certainly not uninteresting note, the dead person on the side of „La Banda de la Plazita“ is none other than the brother of the leader of the barra. Word „on da streets“ in Parque Patricios is that vengeance will be terrible. Certain people would do best to not show their faces in the neighborhood or in Huracan for a long, long time to come.

PS Pathetic as Huracan may be, there are two positive points worth mentioning…

*First, the blue and red flags and banners shown in this video are those of San Lorenzo, arch enemy of Huracan. The video however is of Huracans fans in their own stadium. The Huracan barras broke into some room in the clubhouse of San Lorenzo, and stole as you can see…quite a few of their banners. This incident is a source of great amusement for basically everybody in the Argentine futbol world, except San Lorenzo fans.

*Those of you who know how I broke my ankle into a thousand pieces will understand why I like this fun fact: Huracan is the only club in Argentina with a recognized Inline hockey team, which trains in Huracan and plays in the second division of the Buenos Aires league. They are not exactly great as far as playing quality is concerned, but it is the initiative and the thought which are very much worth supporting.

1 Antwort auf „Huracan: No Moment Too Beautiful to not Pull out the Guns and Knives“

  1. 1 Sebastian 23. Juni 2009 um 1:57 Uhr

    NO se si será para bien o mal, que acá en Chile eso se está acabando hace un rato (Mal pq le quita espectaculo al futbol sudamericano ahah, y no lleva a los lideres de las barras y sus secuases a las canchas) …y las barras a veces terminan descordinadas y el espectaculo en las tribunas se desordena. Como somos un país bastante más pequeño y de bastante menos población, es más facil manejar, y la policia ya sabe donde encontrarte y simplemente te corta de por vida ir a la cancha. Igualmente no faltan los espectaculos de éste tipo.

    Y sigo con depresión por ver solo fútbol por la tv y de otros paises

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